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Jasmin Gygi, phd

The body benefits from movement and the mind benefits from stillness 
- Sakyong Mipham

Psychotherapist. Coach. yoga teacher.

I love accompanying people on their way and supporting them in achieving their goals. I believe that we already have our full potential within us. But sometimes we need to remember or be reminded of it. As a Psychotherapist and Coach I will help you to live this potential again in everyday life and to fully exploit it. I also work as a lecturer in various areas and pass on my knowledge to you with joy and commitment.

When we are in balance, we can help ourselves and others in the best possible way and live our potential. In today's often hectic everyday life, this balance can be lost easily. Then we feel stressed, sleep badly or can no longer enjoy life to the fullest. As a psychotherapist, coach and yoga teacher, I support you in finding this balance and maintaining it in the long term - even in stressful times. 

I work with (hypno-)systemic methods, I am solution oriented and resource focused and integrate body-oriented techniques (such as breath, yoga) and mindfulness, wherever appropriate. I see you as an expert for yourself and your life situation and would like to accompany and support you in finding your very own solution. That means there is not one right solution, but one (or more) that suits you! 



  • Federally recognized Psychotherapist (systemic-resource-oriented), Wilob Lenzburg

  • Master's degree and doctorate in Psychology, University of Basel


  • Sport Mental Coach, Sport Mental Academy Zurich

  • Hypnotherapy and Sports Hypnosis, OMNI Hypnosis Training Center Zurich


  • SVEB 1 adult educator, IPC Academy Zurich

  • Starke Eltern - Starke Eltern® Course Instructor, Child Protection Switzerland


  • 200h Yoga Alliance Teacher Training, Centered Yoga & Paul Dallaghan

  • 85h Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, Centered Yoga & Arielle Nash

  • 50h Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Air Yoga, Josh Summers


  • Thai Yoga, Tobias Frank, Zurich

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