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To make living itself an art, that is the goal  
- Henry Miller

Psychotherapy & coaching

All about the desire to have children, pregnancy, birth, parenthood, and partnership

The time before, during and after pregnancy can be wonderful and yet challenging and stressful. Be it because of that your desire to have children remains unfulfilled, your whole life suddenly changes, you have to find your new role and new identity in the world, or because you are unprepared show anticipated challenges.


Do I want children? It doesn't work - how can I find relaxation again despite this stress? What are the alternatives? How could I live a fulfilling life without children? What kind of mother, what kind of father do I want to be? What values are important to me in parenting? Which patterns do I not want to pass on to my children? How can we be good parents and still remain a romantic couple? How do I combine family, leisure, couple time and work? We can address these and many other questions in a session and find your own individual, creative solution. Together we will think outside the box and discover new perspectives.

I am looking forward to walking this path together with you!


There is no reason not to follow your heart​  - Steve Jobs

As a coach and psychologist, I support people on their way so that they can (re)discover and live their potential. As a yoga teacher, I help people to find and maintain balance in everyday life.

Pursue your goals, exploit your full potential, stay in balance and always find the relaxation you need:

Sessel und Regale

Individual sessions

Would you like to work on your issues, patterns or challenges in a 1-1 session? Would you like to become clear about where you perceive stress and where exactly you would like to go in our work together? I would be happy to accompany you on your own personal journey.

Preis: CHF 180.- / 60 min

Rosa Sofa

Couple sessions

Would you like to work on your problem together and take a step forward? In a couples session you can look at your couple dynamics, your experiences or your parenting styles and work on your issue together. I am happy to accompany you on your path.

Preis: CHF 210.- / 60 min



Get to know relaxation on a deep level. Mindful touch helps to reduce stress, release happiness hormones and activate self-healing powers. Treat yourself to a break just for you to strengthen your inner balance.

I am happy to give you a Thai Yoga session of 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

Preis: CHF 120.- / 60 min

Schatten auf Betonwand
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