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Go find yourself first, so you can find me  
- Rumi

Psychotherapy & coaching

All about personal development, relationships, stress

Life is full of turning points and challenges that can be both rewarding and demanding. Whether it's about coping with the big changes that life brings, making difficult decisions, changing personal patterns or rediscovering yourself as a couple - many questions can arise.

How do I find my way in the midst of stress and uncertainty? Where do I want to go and how do I get there? Always finding myself at the same point - how can I change my patterns? How can I create a fulfilling life for myself? What values and goals are important to me and how can we combine these as a couple? How do I find a balance between personal needs, relationships, free time and professional demands? In coaching and therapy, we can address these and many other questions together and find creative, individual solutions. We'll take a look outside the box, discover new perspectives and find ways together to live life to its fullest.

I look forward to accompanying and supporting you on this journey!


There is no reason not to follow your heart​  - Steve Jobs


As a psychologist, coach and yoga teacher, I support you on your journey. So that you can (re)discover and live your potential. To develop personally and in your relationships. And to find and maintain balance in your daily life.

Pursue your goals, realise your full potential, invest in your relationship and stay in balance. Whether in individual or couple sessions, through conversations or in private yoga classes:

Sessel und Regale

Individual sessions

Would you like to address a pattern or issue that has been with you recently or for a long time? Would you like more clarity? Would you like to find a different way of dealing with stress? Develop your personality? 


I would be happy to support and guide you on your personal journey.

Preis: CHF 180.- pro 60 min

Rosa Sofa

Couple sessions

Do you want to invest in your relationship together? Recognise and change your own patterns? Understand your partner better? Get to the bottom of everyday and relationship challenges and resolve conflicts? Enter into a dialogue?


I would like to accompany you on your path.

Preis: CHF 210.- pro 60 min



Learn to relax and find balance through yoga, meditation and breathing exercises! 



I offer vinyasa, restorative and prenatal yoga. Available for groups on request.

Preis: CHF 120.- pro 60 min

Schatten auf Betonwand
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