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To make living itself an art, that is the goal  - Henry Miller

Life. relationships. career Sports.

You decide your Coaching/psychological counseling is about. Do you need a sparring partner to sort your thoughts and come to your own solution? Would you like to develop your personality further? Are there always the same challenges and patterns in your relationships that you would like to question or change?

My offer includes psychological counseling and coaching for the following issues:

Do you want to...

  • find a different way of dealing with stress

  • feel more vital, dynamic, motivated and happier,

  • be able to fall asleep better or improve your sleep in general

  • conquer your fears or phobias,

  • process a loss (death, miscarriage),

  • learn strategies to be mentally strengthened in a performance situation,

  • discuss your questions about everyday family life with a specialist,

  • recognize and change your (relationship) patterns,

  • learn to be able to stand up for your feelings, thoughts, needs,

  • ...?

Together we will find the path to your goal. Contact me to set up an appointment!

Price: 170.- / 60 min

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