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couples counseling

Go find yourself first, so you can find me  - Rumi

Do you both want to invest in your relationship? Are there conflicts or challenges in your relationship that you would like to look at and work through together? Have you grown apart but want to find to each other again? Are you thinking about a possible breakup?

I accompany you on your way, find out with you how the next steps can look like, show you new perspectives, bring unconscious patterns to the conscious level together with you and support you in finding the solution that is right for you.

Do you want to...

  • maintain closeness and communication in a spirit of partnership even in stressful times,

  • recognize, understand and change your relationship patterns,

  • learn to be able to communicate your feelings, thoughts, needs,

  • process a loss together (death, miscarriage),

  • discuss your questions about everyday family life and parenting with a specialist,

  • address the conflicts in your partnership,

  • enter into dialogue together in a protected environment,

  • ...?

In a joint conversation we look at your life situation and design the way to your personal solution. Contact me to arrange an appointment!

Price: 195.- / 60 min

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